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Auto Barn began as H&M Auto Parts of Brooklyn, NY in 1957.  This store as well as Globe, our first import-only store, were entirely dedicated to the wholesale trade.  In 1964, the business expanded to Long Island with the addition of wholesale stores in Freeport and Lynbrook .  To service our growing group of stores as well as other independent Jobbers, Rodi Automotive Inc., a Warehouse Distributor, was established at that time. 

As the do-it-yourself retail market grew during the 1970’s more stores we opened which were designed to attract both the professional installer as well as the do-it-yourselfer.  With the opening of our seventh location in 1980, the name “Auto Barn” was adopted and all of our stores were redesigned with a consistent Auto Barn Superstore format.  At the same time, a 50,000 square foot distribution center was built in Port Washington which serves as our corporate headquarters.  This  warehouse stocks over 35,000 name-brand parts and accessories making us one of New York's largest auto parts & accessories retailers and wholesalers.

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